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10 years old and bechets

My son has bechets and is in corticosteroid but is having a outbreak at the minute it's not has bad has is normally is but his pain in his stomach is bad what pain relief is best please

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Paracetamol the bog standard kind.

Read the labels because some have added ingredients which are unhelpful.

Camomile tea.

Research alcaline and acid foods.

Don't give him raisins.

And for you because this is also hard on you..a big mental hug



I agree with below. Feed soft, small amounts, eggs, blended sweet potatoes. Bland foods.

Have him follow the low inflammation diet when he's not having a flare up. Maybe try some nettle tea? I take two types of prescription antacids; but being so young not sure how safe that is?

Hugs! Keep us posted.



Is it upper or lower stomach pain? upper being right under sternum- lower being under belly button. Does he have nausea? Is he vomiting? Did he get checked for a stomach ulcer? If it is- start him on Prevacid.

Stay away from sweets breads and pastas. They are all inflammatory.

Coconut milk and cream is very soothing.

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He has ulcers all the way though his body they come and go his pain this time was on his tummy button area and it was cramping pains wasn't sick time but he has been in the past


A good emergency tool is soda water. Not more than two days of it..the body can react to it.

A good standby.

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My daughter had a great deal of trouble at the age 12. The Dr didn't take her seriously and by the time he finally did an x-ray her bowels were fully impacted, from the top to the bottom. It may not be ulcers but the veins in the bowels have become swollen reducing movement of the stool. My daughter was on a drink to clean her out (what the give before operations) and this even took a further week to work. By the end she looked so full that she was going to split and extremely uncomfortable. This led to a stretching of her bowel, causing more problems for the next year. As if my poor girl didn't have enough going on.

My advice is get an x-ray to see whats going on, you could go to you local GP. Children are a little different to adults, they struggle to use their words OR pin point where the pain actually is.

Drink plenty of water and pair juice is ok tasting for the kids to drink. I hope this helps.


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