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Just so very proud

Hi all, just want to say how proud of Jaida I am. The poor little dot feels like poo and her body is in a mess. I won't go into it as you all know. Yesterday we had an appointment at RCH for her eyes, which are going a but better at the moment but they were shocked to see the rest of her body so unwell. We waited to see Jaida's Rhumatologists who wanted to admit her but we were able to put it off until Sunday. Jaida became upset as it was her school running sports today. Jaida loves to run and won her year 5, 100mt, 200mt and relay.

I felt sick, knowing she shouldn't be running but this is her life. We have to let her archive her own goals even if that means it nearly kills her. After her 3 runs she had a bath, her night time medicines and straight to bed with a massive headache and aching body.

It's so wonderful to see how determined she is to win, and I know it's that determination that gets her through this horrid disease.

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Oh my goodness, you must be so proud of her. It must be heartwrenching for you to see her in pain but she sounds like a tough cookie and determination see's so many of us BD sufferers through the worst times.

Sending you and Jaida huge hugs




Thanks heaps Angela. Jaida is paying the price today, but she said it's fun to be with her friends. x


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