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stool blood

Hi there,

Not long ago I experienced bleeding in my stool. It was when I wiped it was red on the tissue. I haven't had any pain since or noticed any bleeding since (this was around a week ago).

Tonight I went to the toilet again and it was almost black diahorrea with a bad smell and i'm not certain but think there may have been blood through it but i can't be sure if i'm imagining it.

What could this be and what should i do?

panicking here :(

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Normally blood in your stool is something you should pay attention to.

Almost ''black diarrhea" ~ sounds like you've passed old blood. I hope you've already gone to your Doc (sorry, I haven't been on the site for a few days!) ~ if you're still having "red" (that's fresh) blood, or passing "almost black" (old blood) ~ personally I'd strongly suggest that you go to A&E if you can't get an appointment with your Doc very quickly.

It could be something very simple like a polyp, or a fissure (tear), but whatever it is, get it investigated please?