Diverticulosis Diagnosis

This is my first post - I am in so much pain and not totally convinced about diagnosis. My story so far:

2015 - two bouts of very painful abdomen with fever. Relatively shorturation. no treatment.

Jan 2016 - very painful abdomen attended a&e. No follow up or diagnosis.

Mar 2016- vomiting, servers diarrhoea, severe pain and heavy bleed from rectum. Taken to hospital by ambulance. 5 days stay. CT scan showed enlarged colon with fat strands and fluid in abdomen. Treated for infectious colitis. Await inflammation to subside before colonoscopy to make diagnosis.

May 2016 - colonoscopy abandoned due to pain. Sigmoid colon showed diverticula but no inflammation.

JUn 2016 - colonoscopy full. Evidence of diverticula but no evidence of inflammation (biopsies).

JUn - Aug - chronic diarrhoea including undigested food passed. Nauseous and Loss of appetite and occasional raised temperature. Felt unwell.

Aug 2016- Two bout of severe general abdominal pain settling to the left side. Fatigue, nauseous, occasional raised temperature.A&E (France). FLuids and IV painkillers. Sent home saw specialist a week later (France) who based on my history diagnosed diverticulitis/Lois's. Tremendous pain - hubby had to hold my hand I the loo when I needed to pass stools! Antibiotics prescribed bu had another bout during this time. Bother épisodes lasted about 6/7 days.

Sep 2016 - back in U.K. Saw my consultant (2nd) time. Tended to agree to diagnosis of diverticula and like French Dr spoke about possible surgery - resection (scarey). CT scan referral to ensure no abscess or other possible conditions.

SEp 2016 - CT scan completed awaiting results. GP prescribed 2 antibiotics - Cefalexin and Metronidazole. Last day tomorrow, however, was woken by pain early this morning - start of another attack!

If anyone has any similar experiences or advice I would welcome this. Further how do I obtain an electronic copy of my colonoscopy as I am in the process of moving to France and want to avoid unnecessary repeated colonoscopy.

THanks for taking the time to read this and wish you well.

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  • Really don't know about your diagnosis . Symptons just seems too extreme . You could get referral to Southampton and see dr Neil Pearce . I would trust him with my life . Maybe think pancreas ? Appendicitis ruled out ? They can do colonoscopy under sedation ? You have the patients charter in NHS which states you can choose which hospital you can be treated at . It takes time but so worth it . I would get this sorted before you go. I went to Royal Free as they could offer Gallium 67 , ( gold standard scan in Europe) no hospital could offer this locally . Then found the team at Southampton and working with the team in Poole now feel I am getting the best I could have . You don't say where you are based but research research research your Symptons . Dont be afraid to mention cancer . Once that's been aired they have to act quickly ( relatively ) good luck with all this AND with your move .

  • What a horrible time you've been having!! I have Crohn's. Diagnosed end of May after emergency surgery due to bowel perforation. I didn't have loose bowels but had nausea and vomiting a lot of the time. Lost a lot of weight because it was easier not to eat for me as not so much pain then.quite honestly I'm not convinced doctors are very well informed about IBD!!! I was told I had gastritis and an ulcer.i asked my doctor what to do regarding the pain, he told me hot bath, hot water bottle and good posture!! I was admitted to hospital 6 days later. I was in hospital 3 weeks and have a colostomy bag. Apparently I should have been seen 4 weeks after leaving hospital for medication as there was still some Crohn's left behind!! They forgot about me basically. I'm having a camera through my stoma on30th December!! That's the soonest I can have it done!!! Ask to see someone else!! Because I really don't think the people looking after you are any good what so ever!!!