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Diverticulosis Diagnosis

This is my first post - I am in so much pain and not totally convinced about diagnosis. My story so far:

2015 - two bouts of very painful abdomen with fever. Relatively shorturation. no treatment.

Jan 2016 - very painful abdomen attended a&e. No follow up or diagnosis.

Mar 2016- vomiting, servers diarrhoea, severe pain and heavy bleed from rectum. Taken to hospital by ambulance. 5 days stay. CT scan showed enlarged colon with fat strands and fluid in abdomen. Treated for infectious colitis. Await inflammation to subside before colonoscopy to make diagnosis.

May 2016 - colonoscopy abandoned due to pain. Sigmoid colon showed diverticula but no inflammation.

JUn 2016 - colonoscopy full. Evidence of diverticula but no evidence of inflammation (biopsies).

JUn - Aug - chronic diarrhoea including undigested food passed. Nauseous and Loss of appetite and occasional raised temperature. Felt unwell.

Aug 2016- Two bout of severe general abdominal pain settling to the left side. Fatigue, nauseous, occasional raised temperature.A&E (France). FLuids and IV painkillers. Sent home saw specialist a week later (France) who based on my history diagnosed diverticulitis/Lois's. Tremendous pain - hubby had to hold my hand I the loo when I needed to pass stools! Antibiotics prescribed bu had another bout during this time. Bother épisodes lasted about 6/7 days.

Sep 2016 - back in U.K. Saw my consultant (2nd) time. Tended to agree to diagnosis of diverticula and like French Dr spoke about possible surgery - resection (scarey). CT scan referral to ensure no abscess or other possible conditions.

SEp 2016 - CT scan completed awaiting results. GP prescribed 2 antibiotics - Cefalexin and Metronidazole. Last day tomorrow, however, was woken by pain early this morning - start of another attack!

If anyone has any similar experiences or advice I would welcome this. Further how do I obtain an electronic copy of my colonoscopy as I am in the process of moving to France and want to avoid unnecessary repeated colonoscopy.

THanks for taking the time to read this and wish you well.

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Really don't know about your diagnosis . Symptons just seems too extreme . You could get referral to Southampton and see dr Neil Pearce . I would trust him with my life . Maybe think pancreas ? Appendicitis ruled out ? They can do colonoscopy under sedation ? You have the patients charter in NHS which states you can choose which hospital you can be treated at . It takes time but so worth it . I would get this sorted before you go. I went to Royal Free as they could offer Gallium 67 , ( gold standard scan in Europe) no hospital could offer this locally . Then found the team at Southampton and working with the team in Poole now feel I am getting the best I could have . You don't say where you are based but research research research your Symptons . Dont be afraid to mention cancer . Once that's been aired they have to act quickly ( relatively ) good luck with all this AND with your move .

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Keep at them. DO NOT STOP until you get an didagnosis PROPER and the best treatment you can.


What a horrible time you've been having!! I have Crohn's. Diagnosed end of May after emergency surgery due to bowel perforation. I didn't have loose bowels but had nausea and vomiting a lot of the time. Lost a lot of weight because it was easier not to eat for me as not so much pain then.quite honestly I'm not convinced doctors are very well informed about IBD!!! I was told I had gastritis and an ulcer.i asked my doctor what to do regarding the pain, he told me hot bath, hot water bottle and good posture!! I was admitted to hospital 6 days later. I was in hospital 3 weeks and have a colostomy bag. Apparently I should have been seen 4 weeks after leaving hospital for medication as there was still some Crohn's left behind!! They forgot about me basically. I'm having a camera through my stoma on30th December!! That's the soonest I can have it done!!! Ask to see someone else!! Because I really don't think the people looking after you are any good what so ever!!!

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Following with interest! It is along haul to try and get medics to translate into English to the general nitwits that they think we are what is actually wrong. Answer, they are unsure as the bowel can produce so many symptoms that could be symptoms of other things going in in that area i.e. kidney stone, gall bladder - thickness of walls (doubt that at your age) but could be narrowing of tubes within gallbladder or even a gallstone blocking a tube. I expect that the pain is in the bikini area and towards your right hip bone. Mine is.

I have been suffering for 10 yrs. with this complaint. I know i HAVE diverticular disease/irritable bowel syndrome/polyps/diverticulitis/pockets in the bowel (at least 6) where bits get stuck and create a blockage/inflammation/massive pain/variation of stools from goats droppings to normal to very wet loss and even liquid and clear jelly from time to time. There is NO blood thank goodness as yet. Also there evidence on several occasions of lack of red blood cells and too many white which points to infection. Is one surprised??? YET they still refuse to do anything about it and are prepared to keep me suffering with this, hip arthritis, sciatica at the same time. There is not day passes without a tear or two.

I have requested an investigatory procedure now which does a camera job because they have now come up with "it could be due to lesions from previous surgery". Bloody hell, that was 40+ years ago (cancer - hysterectomy which rules out 'women's problems because there is nothing bloody well there!). I am 70 yrs. old, am the only carer for my infirm Husband and have been for 10 years now. How do they expect you to carry on and keep sane I ask? THE NHS IS GOING DOWN THE PAN and so am I !!!



Suggest Neuro endocrinevtumours . Don't be frightened by this .. once it's been mentioned they have to explore this . it up . People are just not being diagnosed properly .