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hi. i am a newbie and have just joined today

Hello my name is Tim and I live in the Uk. I am 17 and am going through puberty which is exciting and scary. I mb quite regularly and I think I fancy boys. I have one or two experiences with school mates. I prefer boys and just like to gaze at them although some girls can be attractive

I realise I am probably gay and want to make friends with other people like me

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it is natural to be attracted to the same gender.whatever you do practice safe relations like use a condom on the penis.go along to a sexual health clinic to be taught how to use a condom, how to establish relationships,find a person to talk to as it sounds like you may be confused about your identity.



thanks for your kind reply. I am sstruggling but I want to meet an older guy to befriend me. I know about condoms. I am searching for love and male intimacy that i never received from my dad although he was a good provider and i believe he loved me in his own way


Hi Timnall,

Puberty and discovering your sexuality can be a scary and exhilarating experience.

The above website has lists of youth groups across the uk so hopefully you should be able to find one near you. Failing that there's lots of online support out there too.


welcome. I find this site, honest for the most part, least judgmental for sure. u will get your "liks" like we say in Texas usa but u will gather knowledge expertise and friends that will accept u at your word.


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