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Will circumcision mean I lose sensitivity?

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I've been advised to have circumcision for medical reasons but will this mean I lose sensitivity during sex, as some people claim?

I already need to retract my foreskin (to expose my glans) before I can get orgasm so I can see one of two things happening:

1. That by permanently exposing my glans, circumcision will make sex more pleasureable and easier (not having to hold my foreskin back)

2. That the permanently exposed skin of my glans will harden and lose sensitivity over time

Can anyone confirm what's likely to happen, and advise what I can do to prevent the second from happening?

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I am not circumcised so I can’t answer your questions. But I think you might get more responses if you post your queries in the “mens health penis health “ section of this forum.

It all depends on the medical reasons for cirumcision. Wikipedia has a good page about cirumcision and a neutral position regarding it. Some patients have found the procedure has freed them from longstanding discomfort during sex . It all depends on the indication for the procedure.

What are the so-called "medical" reasons does your doctor give for amputating the most sensitive tissue on your body? If it's a tight foreskin ... called "phimosis", that's not a valid reason ... and certainly not a medical reason for amputating healthy flesh.

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Galen70 in reply to Rood_A

With some medical conditions ( lichen sclerosus ) , by the time a diagnosis is made the degree of phimosis has reached a point where no amount of topical steroid is ever going to allow pain free , enjoyable sex. In this situation, circumcision may be the only option. The forum member below has a partner where this has been the correct option for them. And it is the glans penis that is the most sensitive , not the prepuce itself. Circumcision I would always consider as a last option - but sometimes it is the only one remaining , as it is no longer "healthy flesh "

Hi, my boyfriend had the same issue as you and he says he wouldn’t want to go back at all. Yes, you do lose a bit of sensitivity due to the friction from clothing but you can now freely have sex, masturbate etc. Overall it is definitely a net positive. But always speak to your doctor about the positives and negatives. This is just one experience

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