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What happens during a visit to a sti screening test

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What happens during a sti screening test

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First of all, don’t worry! The people you see will be professional, friendly and non judgmental. You will be asked about any symptoms you have and about your sexual behaviour. You will have your penis examined and possibly your anus too.

You will be swabbed orally, and also in your penis and rectum. You will also have blood tests performed. And you will need to provide a urine sample.

Don’t be afraid to go. And don’t have sex with anyone until you get the results of any tests and finish treatment.

They ask if you want your own doctor to be informed and then take a swab to send away fo test. Also ask about your contacts and ask if you have had oral or anal sex.

depends on your gender, your sexuality, and whether you have symptoms or not. You appear to be male , if heterosexual and asymptomatic its urine and blood. If symptomatic, the same plus a gentle swab from inside your pee hole. If a gay or bisexual man, swabs also from throat and anus. If symptomatic, clinics will usually be able to process some results ( microscopy ) within about ten minutes for an initial result. You can also order some free online home testing kits in parts of the UK, if asymptomatic.