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Every day pill and getting pregnant

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Heyy guys, bit of back story - im currently using sayana press injection at home every tgree months, after looking into it, it says it can take up to a yearr to grt pregnant onced stopped using it, my and my husband are thinking of extending our family in around a year ajd half(after a friends wedding basically) as its the perfect age gap with our other two children

If i stop taking the sayana press a year before were thinking of starting to try does anyone know anything i can take for the year before then with minimal side effects when it comes to trying again? Ive tried looking into myself and getting no where

Im 26 already and currently getting diagnosed for endometriosis so obviously know that its not just as simple as I want a baby now so I'll have one now, but i want to try and time it as good as i can, if i can.

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Copper IUD ? or the combined pill.

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