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Doxycycline's side effects?

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I am new here. I recently took Doxycycline about 2 weeks ago. Currently I got small red spots at my legs, thighs and around lower part of abdomen. I am also feeling I breathe a bit harder or deeper than usual, but there are no pains nor shortness of breath.

Could it be the side affects of taking doxycycline?

5 Replies
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Unlikely to be a drug reaction if you finished it two weeks ago. Those spots look like a mild folliculitis , although quite far away from the skin to be sure

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Hi... it's not unknown to have something like'nettle rash' from taking antibiotics. If you finished the course 2 weeks ago , it could be a delayed reaction., although a little bit late.?? Best thing to do is check with your pharmacy first, and if it gets worse and is very itchy, then see your GP.

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Thanks for the reply from Galen70 and saj01.

I talked to my doctor, he also said it was unlikely it was due to the antibiotic. But I did have the same experience last year after I took another type of antibiotic

I very seldom take antibiotic and I don't aware if I have any allergy to antibiotic.

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Hi... I'm assuming your gp didn't give you anything for the rash? If you've still got it and it's itchy? Just wondering if it's a mild urticaria. You could try an aloe vera gel or a menthol based cream, failing that take some antihistamines ( that's if you're okay to take them.?)Or speak with your phamacist.

It does sound like you do have a sensitivity to some meds as this is the second time you've had it. Try the things I've mentioned, hopefully it will soon disappear.

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holma in reply to saj01

Thanks saj01 for your advice. No, I only got the antibiotic from my doctor.

I do apply a cream and it helps to stop itching. I got a few new spots everyday, while the old spots are fading away.

My last experience it disappeared after a few weeks.

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