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Okay You guys, I am 16 & Sexually active with my boyfriend. So lately (this has never Happened) My vagina smells HORRIBLE. i mean it smells so bad. Also I noticed a bump accuring on my lip it looked just like a boil. I ended up popping it and cleaning it and putting a bandaid on it and I feel much better But I still want advice :// Me and my boyfriend have been together 3 Years. Just scary with all these things happening.

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If you’ve got a grey/creamy discharge and it smells fishy then it sounds like you have BV. It’s a common bacterial infection that happens to most women. You can go to a clinic and they can diagnose you and you’ll have tablets to clear it or you can by bv gels from boots or Superdrug, it’s a 7 day course you use at night but helps get rid of the smell completely but I would go to a clinic to make sure it is that first x

Too many diseases can cause vaginal odor. You need to visit a sexual health clinic and get tested. The boil or pimple you bursted can be just a benign finding or a primary herpes outbreak. So again you need to get tested. And wear condoms until you all both test clean. No offense, but don’t be an idiot. People cheat. Take all precautions until they are proven innocent.

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