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Combined Pill Rigevidon

I take my pill consistently at the same time every single day. I'm never late and I've never missed one.

I've just run two packs together, taken my 7 day break and have been back on the pill for 2 days.

What I'm trying to work out is if I'm protected from the first pill after the break week or should I be using additional contraception?

It doesn't mention this in the pamphlets and I'm now worried I'm not fully protected.

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You are fully protected all the time. My girlfriend takes the same pill as you, 2 years later and she's never been late with a period or gotten pregnant at all.

You're protected during the 7 days break/during your period and also you're protected as soon as you start taking the pills again. You can go as much as 12-18 hours late with Rigevideon too from the experiences of me and my partner, so it's quite a forgiving pill.

Hope this puts your mind at ease somewhat!


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