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Hi guys.

Still waiting on STI results from clinic, just wanted opinions on my condition as my mind is still wandering and thinking of the possibilities.

My symptoms have considerably decreased from this time last week, my penis doesn't feel half as irritated as this time last week. Left side of my meatus (urethral opening) is still a little puffy with a red dot on it (been this way 2-3 weeks not grown or transformed into anything else). I still wake up with a small amount of whiteish/cloudy discharge on the tip (has to be squeezed out and is literally only a tiny bit) and there is very rarely and pain or burning when urinating anymore, maybe once/twice a day.

I feel I have uretheritis but don't know the cause. Like I say I'm waiting on chlamydia/gonorrhea results, but my last unprotected sex was 11 weeks ago, surely this is too long for symptoms of these to be showing?

However I received a lot of unprotected oral from this time to around 4 weeks ago, and I mean a lot and each for long periods of time so I'm wondering if normal bacteria from throat/mouth is the cause of my discomfort, I've heard this is called Non specific uretheritis and is likely???

Like I say a week or 2 back the symptoms I described were a lot worse. Now I just want to go back to feeling normal again.

Any thoughts would help, past experiences etc or anything.


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