Vaginal thrush

I seem to get thrush once a month. It is a pain in the .... My doctor prescribed Fluconazol sandoz (oral tablet) but I did not like the negative reviews when I googled it.. so I chose not to takeit. I can ease all of my symptons with plain yoghurt and it seems to go away until the next month. Canestan does not seem to help me at all. Neither did Mama Natural ProSkin Candida Natural Thrush Treatment. I was at my gyno this morning for something else and we discussed this so she went a grabbed a bottle of Venetian violet and painted the inside of my vagina a beautiful purple colour... I googled it again when i got home and it seems to be helping a lot of people. Anyway I will let you all know if it helps.

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Hi Thrushsucks, did this method work for you?


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