Struggling to come to terms with diagnosis of herpes

Hi, I've been told today I've got herpes. Only by consultation from my doctor, I haven't been swabbed or tested. And it was through sexual contact, not intercousre with a new partner.I'm really struggling to come to terms with it and my doctor didn't really give me much information about it. Only that I have it for life. (She wasn't sympathetic at all). i can't help but feel dirty and Slutty, even though I've had very minimal sexual partners. I'm not sure how to tell the person or future people. It's really knocked my confidence and I'm not that confident or trusting anyway

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  • I felt the same, you feel utterly worthless. I got it from my long term partner and I didn't actually start with symptoms until about two years later. It was so painful and I felt terrible. Make an appointment with your local GUM clinic (sexual health) and if you have any symptoms ask for medication. Im in Aciclovir and I've got my life back. A lot of people have got the virus, more than you know, some have it lying dormant in their system. Ive just come out of a year long relationship and didn't have the nerve to tell him. I didn't have any symptoms when I was with him and we used condoms so I don't think he would have caught it. Just try and look after yourself, drink plenty of water and don't beat yourself up about it. Take care xx

  • Thank you very much. I've already been given a 5 days course of Aciclover and the blisters are all ready starting to burst and clear, I think I've caught it early. But I haven't been swabbed or anything. I will go to the GUM clinic like you said for more testing and advice . But it doesn't make you feel great! I think when I get more advice on it, I may feel better about the situation but I'm just worrying and I've lost a stone in a few days . It's nice to talk to someone who has the same problem, as you feel like your the only one in the world who has it xx

  • Its a horrible disease and unfortunately we will have to just deal with it. I haven't told any of my family as they are close minded and I haven't the energy to start up the conversation. So I've had to deal with this alone. When your on medication and it clears up, its like you haven't got it, but when you have an outbreak....boy you know you've got it. You'll just have to be careful in the future, just don't have sex if you have any tingling or you have the lumps/blisters. And be kind to yourself, this wasn't your fault. Xx

  • Would it be ok to ask a few questions as I'm literally clueless to it?

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