Chlymedia complication

Hello everyone! Chlymedia have been bothering me from 2014 the first time i had sex i caught it, i went to the doctor and got injection and treatment im wondering if im doing something wrong it seems as if its not properly treated please help me im constantly going to doctors and taking medication eachtime a take the medication i throw up ive even change my sex partner im confused.

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  • The doctor told me the tablets do make people sick but theres not much they can do, you can receive other treatment but you have to buy it from a pharmacy

  • When you take the pills you can't have any sexual contact with an infected person, that means no condoms or oral sex either or you'll keep passing it back to one another. You can only start being sexually active once BOTH people finish the course of antibiotics. Did you all that? Sounds a bit weird that you keep getting it. I had it at the start of this year, my boyfriend and I both had to go back for a follow up check 3 months later to make sure we were clear.