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Unusual growth Inside Frenulum

Unusual growth Inside Frenulum


I have recently found a single small pea size growth under the frenulum, Inside the skin.

Not over the skin as i have seen on net for Tyson gland which look like hanging together as chilly flakes do.

i am not circumcised. removing the foreskin i can see it inside the skin layer it does not changes size with change in size of penis.

Is this an inflammation or swollen something or a thing to worry.



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Hi LS,

It looks suspiciously like a [possibly sebaceous] cyst to me (**this is not a medical assessment**) - but in an unusual location.

You need a medical examination. Because of its location, you have the usual option of going to see your GP, but the alternative of a GUM clinic. GPs usually have a lot of experience with cysts (if it is one...!) whereas GUM clinics have a lot of experience with this particular location - i.e. frenulum/penis.

It would be irresponsible to give any medical diagnosis here... go see someone who knows what they're talking about and can examine you... Good luck...


Hi LS,

Most likely just a cyst, just go to the doctor and see from there.

They are pretty common nothing to worry about but defo get an appointment just to be sure.


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