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Positive For HPV

I know that HPV is a virus that includes 100 strands and 30 of them are passed through sexual contact.. I know that two of these strands can cause Warts, but there's so many other questions left unanswered for me.

Once I have contracted this STD, can I pass it on, even after the warts have vanished?

Do I have to wait a certain amount of time before having unprotected sex, or will this pass on, even long after treatment and any visible outbreaks?

Will the HPV virus leave my body, Like so many websites claim?

And finally, should I worry my future sex partners about this? I don't want to pass it on, nor do I want to cause undue stress if it isn't necessary.

Thank you, to who ever replies.. You will put my mind at ease.

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Hi Cookie

Thank you for your reply. I have looked at the oregano oil, and it seems like a good natural remedy. I also drink lots of water through the the day, so I can easily mix it in with that. Do I add a drop to water? I usually drink out of 500 ml water bottles


Yes love ,you add a drop to water.You can try supplements but I really recommend the oil.The oil is so strong.It has power to eliminate all viruses.Try for one month .But do not overuse it.Please inform me about your progress later.Lots of love Cookie.


Hi there,

the wart virus (HPV) , although it does always stay in your body so can potentially be passed on any time, is much more likely to be passed on when you have warts. Use condoms with new partner to reduce the chance.

Unfortunately the HPV virus will not leave your body, so there is a chance the warts can come back. This is not the case with everyone, some people only get them once, some people they do come back. At some point though, your body will build up an adequate immunity and you willl not get them back. Things like stopping smoking will help your immunity.

re future partner, I would advise using condoms initially to reduce the chance of passing on. if you feel able then to have the conversation re warts, then do. it is very common so many people out there are carrying the virus, even with out realising. Go for regular sti screens to avoid passing any other stis on. do speak to local gum clinic if you have any more concerns.


You must discuss your related condition with a your sex partner. Doing so not only shows them respect, it provides you both the opportunity to discuss sex-related wellness and also methods to safeguard yourselves. And also depending upon your state's regulations, there may be legal commitment to discuss a herpes medical diagnosis. Telling a companion could be hard, I comprehend. First, have you pertain to terms on your own with having herpes or hpv? If you have not, after that it's unrealistic to anticipate an additional individual to understand. How well informed are you? Know the fundamental steps to lower the danger to your companion. Know the truths regarding herpes? You intend to feel confident as well as knowledgeable before you could describe the infection to another person.To fully understand more about herpes and also sexually transferred illness details, check out this extremely recommendable and valuable site and herpes related websiet


As far as I've read / heard before, I don't believe HPV can ever be fully removed from your body. However as long as you have a strong, healthy immune system, you won't have many outbreaks. It is possible to pass it on, yes, so if you're diagnosed with it then be sure to let others know prior to sexual contact.


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