I Don't know what I have

I it's been 5 months since I've got with my partner I haven't been tested since I've got with him but when ever we have sex after my vagina has a fish smell and it's really bad I have been to the doctors an they have prescribed me tablets to take the smell away which it did a month ago an now it's back again I don't know if I should get checked up in a clinic to see if I have std or not I'm scared I've catched something before I got with my partner.. can anyone help me

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Sounds like it could be a thrush infection reoccurring. Both you and your partner should go to the clinic to have it checked out and prevent reinfection. Likely they would prescribe you both a course of antibiotics. do go to the clinic.

good luck .


Hi there, It sounds like bacterial vaginosis, it is quite common, I've had it a few times and it keeps recurring it is horrible! but it is nothing to be ashamed about. Your GP can do a test to check. I've had antibiotic tablets and an antibiotic cream to put inside my vagina, it is not an std. But it would be a good idea to get checked out if you've had unprotected sex previously. Good luck Hun

Angie x


Hey love.Its bacterial vaginosis.You need oregano oil which is raw and unfiltered.You can dry probiotics too.Mix oregano oil with water.Drink everyday and things will change.


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