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Should sexually active teens be tested more?

"Young people today were not around in the early days of the epidemic and did not see the havoc that it wreaked. And there is just not the same emphasis in our society there was previously, so some amount of complacency is there" Dr. Vivian Hernandez-Trujillo

1 in 4 new HIV infections in the US occur in young people ages 13 to 24, which is about 12,200 new infections per year

Read more about how teens can be at risk:

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I think it's hard to stay on top of testing when places are only open during the week when people are at school/work and quite possibly can't leave and also it's so hard to find anywhere that does a full screening and not just chlaymidia and HIV that if you have no symptoms but have something else it's unlikely to be picked up even if you do try to get tested.


There is no excuse for young people not being tested in this day and age, with brook test centres in school and the availability of postal testing. It's the over 50s who are the ones not getting tested


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