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Sick after sex

Hi,i have a very rare experience n i need help,after sex wth my wife i get infected by somthing,i feel it most in my eyes,thy feel kinda tired,i feel weak n sleepy,headaches as well,ths feeling stays in me until i take antibiotics,iv been to several doctors,th give us both antibiotics on several occasions,it clears th infection in me,but as soon as we hav sex agn i feel it,she feels nothing at all,please help,what could this be.

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If you get symptoms again I would suggest your doctor takes swabs from your eyes (for bacterial and a chamydia) test rather than just giving you more antibiotics.

It doesn't actually sound like an infection to me. Possibly an allergy to something.

If you've both had antibiotics I would be surprised if it was an infection.


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