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Where can I get free Home Pregnancy Tests?

Ok So I went to the drs the other day for some symptoms I have been having, he did a pregnancy test for me then but told me I needed to do them regularly for the next couple of weeks in order to make sure, as it can take longer for some to show positive than others. My problem is I have no spare cash to be able to do these tests regularly (pregnancy tests are so expensive!) I know that GP, GUM clinic etc do free pregnancy tests, but are they ones which they do for you, or once you can take away with you to do in your own time at home? If not, is there any where which will do this?

Very excited as partner and I are kind of starting to try for a baby, so want to find out as soon as I can!

Thanks in advance!

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Thats a hard question! Try phoning your local sexual health clinics and see if they will do that, as some will and some won't. All pregancy tests that carry the "CE" mark are as good as each other so if you have to buy one buy the cheapest one.


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