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Sperm count


I have a question I am 25 and I notice I do not produce sperm like I used to. When I ejaculate my sperm is not jelly like or white clotty. It comes out grey and white but does not look as white clotty to much or as jelly like as it used to. Also I only produce sperm on my first two orgasm which I must wait at least 2 days before being able to produce what seems to me an adequate but not a lot of sperm. Any ejaculations after my first two orgasm produce almost none unless I wait a couple days. Is everything ok? Should I see a doctor? I just feel maybe my pipes are blocked or something or maybe I’m just overthinking it I just hear my friends talk about how they bust huge loads 3-4 times in a day when I’m only able to produce one ok amount every 2 days.

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speak to ur doc they can run tests an put mind at ease

Well the grey part is normal nothing fishy there.... but the lack of jelly like texture and definitely the time break your mentioned to produce sufficient amount of semen suggest you should probably see a Dr. It's nothing serious though...so don't panic. Hopefully all you'll need is a couple of supplements and some lifestyle changes to get back on track. Sometime things as mundane as imbalance nutrition and inadequate sleep cycle plays a vital role in your semen amount and consequent sperm count... causing both to reduce substantially.

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