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New mother after 13 1/2 years

I am 33yrs old and just had another child after 13 1/2 years. I feel I am to lenient with my 10 month old son. This is his fathers first child and he is very over protective. I feel because this is my second child I am not worried so much as I was with my first because I know children that are learning to walk are going to get bumps from running into things or when they are crawling they are going to bump their heads trying to crawl under things because they don't understand the fact some things are to low for them to get under. I feel I am hard on his dad because I know things are going to happen and that is he always worried about the baby and a little bruse from anything in our family room or trying to crawl around the house. Is this wrong that I am lenient about these things with him overly protective with the baby? I feel that I am worried about making him mad by me knowing things are going to happen when he is new to all of this. Also after 10 months I still feel like I am going through postpartum depression on top to my depression I have and other mental issues I have on top of the post-partum.