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Hello My name is LoveAngel


I am not sure if I am in right place. just now i am waiting for to be assesed for ASD. the more i look into this the more im sure i am ASD. I am 43 years old. I have no support at all and lost on most.  My memory sucks. I have also Dylexica. i was misdisagosed with panick attacks for over 20 years turns out to be wolff parkinson white syndrom. i am rather confused alot of the time. only one thing im not confused about is that I am an Artist and i love being an Artist. 

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From the brief details you have given us there are issues straight away that sound like AS. The panic attacks, very common due to a overwhelming sensory overload, too busy, to many noises, too bright, it's very common. Being an Artist, how wonderful gifted , it's quite common for Artists to be on the AS.

You may have Attention Deficit Dissorder as well as AS. I have this and I am so disorganised it's not true, really super forgetful. Dyslexia is another issue which could affect you on the Specrtum. I have a friend , a famous Artist who is Dyslexic. 

Once you get the diagnosis charities like Autism Iniative help with support. They have special groups for late diagnosis folks and women only. 

Make sure you write down what is happening before you go and see the Specialist. Ask is there a possibility you also have ADD. You are not alone , everyone is on the Spectrum, it is how these sensory and other issues affect you that define AS.

It's not what you can do that matters, work with what you can. It's a bit like a jigsaw working through the different issues, a lot of them overlap symptoms.

Good luck.



I have just looked up the Syndrome you mentioned. Anxiety is one of the major issues in AS. The effects really are the same as this Syndrome. There is such an appaling understanding of AS. 

The problem is doctors don't look at the whole picture, the Dyslexia you are an Artist , the Anxiety should have told them straight away. I did exactly the same working out the issues with myself and my boys.

 Autism Iniative once you get the Diagnosis will help you with PIP if you are not already claiming it. They also offer Relaxation Classes. It's just nice being able to talk to others having the same issues. You need to get someone to refer you, your Consultant or GP .


hello Yiman 

I was miss diganosed with panike attacks. i don't have them. i have wolff parkinson white syndrom. which is to many path ways it the heart. so it speeds up and runs off high speed on its own. i have had 4 suspected heart attacks now due to it. 😞


If you are on Celexa get off. It can cause this. Talk to your Doctor.


Good gracious you have been through one very difficult time. 

The AS has similar issues because of anxiety. If you have a family member who can go with you to see the Consultant, even a friend who understands you that will help. There are a lot of questions they will ask about how you cope with things, how organised you are, it may seem a bit tedious and irrevellant but it gives them clues , rather like solving a puzzle.

If they do diagnose AS you will get help with dealing with the anxiety. You won't realise you have it. That will then help with your syndrome, so overall it's certainly worth finding out.

The adult assesment does not take as long as the Children's as this includes things like classroom assessments. If you still have your school reports, those will help as well. If you had issues in English , RE , subjects were there were a lot of questions about how you feel about things.

If you have the report from whoever diagnosed the Dyslexia as well. Don't worry if you haven't , I am sure your GP has something in your records.

Good Luck, hope you don't have to wait too long.