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Turner's Syndrome in Adult Women

Does anyone on this site have, or perhaps know someone who has, Turner's Syndrome?

As there isn't a specific link for it on this site, my only other choice was Hypo-thyroidism.

I may 'copy and paste' this question on to it actually, to broaden my search.

My youngest sister was diagnosed with Turner's Syndrome (a rare genetic disorder) in 1968. There has been almost no information available for women with TS, who are over the age of 35 years.

My sister has her annual check-ups and consultations for the physical side of her TS but no one seems able to offer help and/or resources for the psychological aspects of this condition.

I have read that a lot of Turner's women present some austic symptoms.

I would be very grateful for any help offered here - thank you :)

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Hi Covenham,

HealthUnlocked does not at the moment have a community for Turner's Syndrome, but have you tried to get in contact with TSSS >

We could definitely consider starting a community for the organisation if they are up for it.

All the best,



Lora hi - thank you for your note; it is very much appreciated.

Yes, I know the TSSS well and speak with Arlene Smythe, who pretty much started the society after her daughter was born with TS.

I'll call her next week and see what she thinks about your suggestion.

If she's OK with it how does she go ahead and get it on to HealthUnlocked?

Thanks again :)