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Filling in forms about your son/daughter etc

I'm a project leader in Portsmouth working with 14/19 year .olds on a Saturday with autism and Asd and a adult group on a Monday night, with the recent gov cuts they All had to re apply for their dla most of whom lost their money (which I find to be sickening ) I went along with a few from our club for their medical, they were having a good day even a good week but for them to keep their dla I had to tell them to lie ? In the medical room and always tell them about the worst days and they won if you do lose any benefit appeal and keep appealing Autism/Asd is a life long condition it can't be fixed with a pill or anything else you learn coping skills. So when filling in forms remember the worst days.

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Hi tezzer I'm sorry you're having such trouble. Human beings who don't suffer the condition can't possibly understand the obstacles we have to face each day, or the pain of perception we experience. And they say we're the ones who struggle with empathy!

Despite efforts we are a grossly misunderstood group but hopefully we better education, this can be changed.

Unfortunately the government are making decisions which are affecting a lot of people who need extra assistance, and it's not right. We can only do the best we can, rely on and help one another and cover each other's strengths and weaknesses.

You're work as a project leader is truly wonderful. You are making a significant different to the lives of others. Never forget that.

I am passionate about changing attitudes and hopefully one day I shall. I have already made a difference, as have you. All that's in front of me is A level exams and then the freedom of Uni. :)

Take care and Kindest Regards

wanderingwallflower xx


Good morning Fay, I think that every family has someone with Autism or Asd etc so if we all keep talking about it and promoting it surely at some point the government will have to listen, plus if they all (including footballers ) take a small pay cut and put it into charity's in their own town then that would also help. Portsmouth city council have empty buildings just sitting empty why can't they lease them to charity's,anyway enough of my moaning good luck with your A levels and enjoy your freedom of Uni.xx