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Well I took the first step before Christmas regarding my son. And I have an appointment through to meet with the consultant paediatrician in a month's time.

Does anyone have any experience or knowledge of what this first appointment will involve?

Refer to my 1st post for full details.

Possible Autism assessment

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Hi My first appointment was about a year ago. The pediatrician will ask you question about the pregnancy the birth and about your child's development. And any concerns you might have. And they should already have a report from the school about concerns the school has. I was told I needed to take my child to this appointment. But after the appointment I felt there was no point in my child being there as he had to listen to everything that was being said about him which made me feel a bit guilty inside talking about him as he was 8 at the time so has a good understanding of what was being said. So I would advise that you take someone with you. Then after that assessment it depends on what area you're in I was put on a 15 month waiting list for the next assessment good luck.

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