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No where to turn!!


I need to know if there's anyone that I can turn to that's willing to help or support me where "The Care Act"is actually being followed to help my son from being treated like a criminal instead of someone with a disability, I've already suffered the heartache of losing my granddaughter being taken for adoption and now 3years later under different circumstances we're having to suffer similar issues with difficulties once again being part of a second daughter of my son Luke. I've had enough of having to fight everything that I have to so's to protect him from the things he doesn't see or understand the terrible things that people are doing to him and what's really happening in his life.l need help because I can't take anymore, I don't want to be here anymore I've not got the strength to fight anymore.can anyone help me please. I'm sorry if I've upset anyone but I don't know what else to do 😴

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This charity might be able to give you some advice.

Hi am going through the same with my son , as you are with yours , my son Is 4 . I get fobbed off by everyone ,am getting to point where am going to have a mental break down , iv even phoned social services and told them to take him away and they said that why do I need help , he's set my carpet on fire in my bedroom , I didn't know he could even light the lighter but I thought wrong , so I put everything out of his reach but still don't work , I am scared to what he's going to do next .

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