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re not following

Hi all thanks for all your help and advice. I leaving the forum for my own sanity. I think I got too involved and it isn't doing my head any good. If and this is a big IF my daughter is a high functioning austic girl I might come back but for now I going to leave.

I am a bit of an over thinker and this sometimes makes my head spin. It me thinking too much.

I know my daughter has social anxiety disorder as disagnosised by CAMHS and her amazing Physicist. The next step we wait and see. Like all parents we want answer and we want them asap. I have to been patience and wait for things to happen.

All of what I have said on my post are just me thinking out loud and not being very wise letting my heart run away with me.

Now I going to step back and stop thinking about it. I going to take it my God and talk to my closest friend/s.

I hope and pray you get the answer you are all looking forward. God bless

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I have talked to my daughter's school head of inclusion who brought up the idea my daughter could be autistic now things she is not. Since my daughter has been on medication for her anxiety she is coping better with

life and school. She still struggles socially and the head of inclusion is concerned how my daughter is going to manage future transition and changes. Although my daughter is as she said finding ways to cope.

Still waiting on a next appointment for camhs as the Last one was cancelled to circumstances beyond her physcharist control.

I have written an email to my doctor's physcharist telling her whats been said about her. We wait for aanother appointment soon I hope but I know that like other camhs they are very very stretched and are doing there best for all the children/teenagers on their lists. So this is my final post. Goodbye and I hope and pray you and your children and families get the support, treatment and advice you need. Thank you for your kind words and advice.