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As some of you will have seen, Alice and I were the Anne Ford Cup (details at for running Virtualataxia at the AtaxiaUK conference at the weekend. It was a total surprise and we were really shocked and honoured. There are two parts to Virtualataxia the email list and the twice weekly chat, details of both can be found at We get together for a chat on Tuesday evenings at 7pm and Sunday afternoons at 4.30pm (both UK time), these chats are held at It should work for you (he says hopefully) but if you do have troubles there is a 'help' section on the same website or email me at I will try my best to help. The chats are very informal and we don't mind if you come late, leave early or are a slow typer. There are usually 4 or 5 chatters (sometimes more) and I'd like to think the chat provides a good, relaxing 'meet up'. I look forward to seeing a full chat room come Tuesday!

One last thing, I have just set up Any money given will go straight to AtaxiaUK but they will see it has come via Virtualataxia.

Thank you all members for being a part of Virtualataxia and we look forward to seeing more new faces in chat! If you are not registered you can still partake in the chat sessions but will not receive any emails sent to the group.


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I for one will be looking forward to coming into the chatroom this evening. Thank you Alice & Tim and congratulations both.xxxxxx


Well done Alice and Tim much deserved - keep up the great work you do!



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