What mobility aids do people find most useful?

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  • The plastic/rubber suction lids that go on the top of mugs

  • I have one of those Tim. Cost me £1:50. Spill proof

  • i find my wheeled trolley is priceless, i use it for so many things i dont know what i'd do without it, oh and my travel cup at home and on the move - coffee freak thats the best £1.99 spent lol

  • er my wheelchair lol, my shower seat, i find my electric toothbrush ace as a manual one is hard to move about the mouth without stabbing the inside of my mouth lol.

  • My Halogen oven, and George foreman grill, with having serious vertigo as well as Ataxia these items mean I am able to cook proper meals without losing my balance trying to get items out of my oven or burn myself trying to lift hot saucepans ( my steamer is great for my veg) All these items are on my worktop so everything is just the right level to cook without a great deal of risk :) I love being able to still cook a roast etc for myself

  • Must get a steamer and a George Forman grill. What does your Halogen oven look like Razzy? Sounds good!

  • OH and I have just got a onecup kettle, it is like a normal kettle but boils only one cup of water at a time and you put the cup under the kettle like a coffee maker it takes 30 seconds for a cup of tea or coffee and no heavy kettle to lift to pour out water :)

  • OOOO that sounds great, where is the one cup kettle from ??

  • I have kettle tipper. I fill the kettle with cold water using a wide plastic jug.

  • I got it from Curry's , comet also do one as does Argos reviews.argos.co.uk/1493-en...

  • this is the one I have argos.co.uk/static/Product/...

  • That looks like a good handy item Razzy but a bit pricy.

  • Ah yes, but my problem then would be getting the cup from the kitchen to the living room, it will be hot, and i need two hands to push my wheelchair lol.

  • Its a shame that the wheelchair trays are so expensive, that would be ideal for you as it can go on and off your wheelchair as you need it :( but they are about £85-90

  • although Amazon have some at half that price but at that it is expensive, but I think if it gives you the freedom you want then it is worth the money in the long run

  • My Halogen oven looks like a large deep pyrex dish with a lid on it, it sits on a stand , it grills bakes steams and is magic but you do have to be careful of the lid as this is where the heat

    comes from

  • Sound good to me. Must look more into it

  • coopersofstortford.co.uk/sr...,

    this shows what the oven looks like , they are godsends

  • The Halogen oven looks great and reasonably priced

  • It is and you can use metal cooking trays or pyrex dishes in it just like your ordinary oven, it takes about 10/15 minutes less time than the gas oven and the meats etc taste great from it ......so easy to clean as well hehehe

  • I don't really mind the price I can save up for things like that, but I cant replace a hand with the skin burnt off :)

  • also with using less electricity it pays for its self in no time :)

  • Good for the environment too!

  • Helllo Iain

    This is a hard one, I find all my mobility items very good. However if I had to choose I think it wolld be my mobility scooter. It has opened up a whole new world.. I can go places that would otherwise be in-accessible. I go to the stables to see and feed the horses, I could never go there otherwsie. I can also lead a horse and keep up.

    Kind regards

    Take care


  • Same here. Got a place now with Riding for the Disabled starting in Sept this year.

    Got lazy on my road scooter but go miles with the doggy.It's now my treat for the day.Good for my mental health.


  • I'm with you on this Carol. I love my scooter too. If I didn't have my scooter I would end up lost,lonely and probably depressed!

  • I will not bore you about my Leki walking sticks again, but I think my other favourite aid is my wheelchair. I WISH I had not been so proud and avoided getting one till last year. It has revolutionised days out with the family and trips to the hairdressers etc... Before, I was stubborn and insisted on walking very slowly. The others do not have to wait for me and I see much more of the World! Also, I can use it as a walking frame if I fancy stretching my legs. I can carry stuff, including little people!

    If you are thinking of getting one, hand brakes are very useful and being able to move yourself, so big wheels at the back. Mine is made by Karma. I have also made it more beautiful with stickers from Hippy Motors.


  • I too use a rollator/walker. Just like you Litty I walk very slow with it and it can be a pain for others who are with you. My wheelchair is used whenever I go on outings with my wife or family.

  • Hello Iain

    I too use a wheelchair and like Lit I find it wonderful. I have an electric one indoors but found it was making me lazy. With a self propelled one you use your upper limbs thus keeping them as strong as possible. I have just bought a narrow chair to help with the more difficult places. Ït is marvellous. I will keep my electric chair until I have to use it.

    Take care


  • Hi all, my son has a lap top lap tray with a bean bag bottom, the tray itself is completely flat and is useful for many things. We always try to take it when out in the car as it is great to use as a portable table for impromtu snacks, picnics etc.

  • I've got a step to the patio.I like to sit outside in the sun but coffee or tea goes everywhere so then I have to change .Takes ages dressing.Then wash the clothes with the spillage.I could do with a plastic lid .Where do you get them from otherwise my comment is the same as Fifas.

    The patio step is going to disappear if we go with one of the quotes to flatten out the patio,move it along and make a level access and conservatory.Didn't realise when I was working that is what my teachers pension lump sum would go on.

  • I have a great travel mug with a rubber seal push down lid with a large open end handle that can be hooked onto a walker/rollator handle. It also has a slide open and shut drinking bit on the lid. You should be able to get one in either ASDA or Tesco. I've also seen them in discount homeware stores. They are very cheep. Mines cost £1:50. I've had it for about two years.

  • Please can you tell me about your wheeled tolley?

    Where did you get it and what does it look like?

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