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Computer screen aids?

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Hi all, it's been a long time since I checked in.

I am coping alright but life is tough.

I am trying to live a somewhat normal life. Mobility has declined a small bit. The ice of the past week had me confined to the house but things could be worse.

I am working part-time from home and I am trying to make working easier and less confusing/exhausting.

I have acquired ataxia with visual focus/attention/low stamina/etc. I have prisms in my glasses.

I am getting overloaded by all the information on the screen and finding it difficult to read and follow sentences as I am losing my place on pages. I can't focus.

Is anyone else out there experiencing something similar? If yes I would appreciate some advice.

I have contacted Adobe and Microsoft but they have nothing to offer at this time.

6 Replies
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I have a Samsung computer with accessibility settings.

I find the text cursor, magnifier and mouse pointer size helpful.

I do not work any more but can relate to the problems because my eyesight is badly affected.

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EireAtaxic in reply to cocoa

Can I ask is this something that came with your Samsung or did you have to add it?

I recently bought a Dell and I'm trying to achieve a greater level of focus and less distraction from other text etc

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cocoa in reply to EireAtaxic

This was included ... I had to go into settings and find what suited me. Now that I have it set up as I want it, nobody else is allowed to use my computer.

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EireAtaxic in reply to cocoa

I have a Dell. Unfortunately they don't have anything that aids me. Thanks for your help though

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This is what was suggested to me by my employment assistant officer. I have yet to try it out properly.

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i am loosing left eye is doing other stuff,likewise my right eye.what gets frustrating i cannot focus, esp.these ams, winter is sporadic, but like all. disruptive.sometimes tired after a short spell, cannot stayin bed past 05.30 every am.wake up, cannot wallow in bed, must move, styart a day.what is annoying excesive fatigue.Not quite sure is a fatique, rather than late husband had a blood c.,so tired when woke up, this is different.

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