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Does anyone take Amantadine for CA or MSA?Helpful? xx N

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No,I try and stay away from Big Pharma. LOL


But they may hold the key


My partner has both of these conditions what are these tablets for ?


Interesting. How was he diagnosed?? These tablets are supposed to help with Parkinson like symptoms.


He was first diagnosed with progressive c/a from MRI several in fact but then changes started more tests and scans etc then MSA which is horrible can’t walk shouts when he is talking tremours so drinks with.a straw eats a soft diet as it effects swallowing umm screams at night can’t do anything for himself we have carers 2 times a day

A palative nurse once a month they said it is not Parkinson’s so no drugs are any good ? He has very low blood pressure

And a super Pubic catheter as bladder affected so all in all life is shit !


Sounds complicated..Kudos to you that you stand by him. Amantadine is for non PD patients Also a USA biotech co. called Biohaven is about to conduct a level iii test on a new MSA drug. Google them. In 2011 I was diagnosed with CA., In 2018, my main dr said its MSA but this finding was disputed by others.. ( have normal BP, no screaming,,no bad dreams, and no catheters..... But I duo have trouble walking even with a rollator, very

shitty handwriting, a low voice and muscle weakness


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