What a happy, colourful, joyous, clean show Strictly come Dancing has been (and it's all finished 'sob'). I am thinking of joining next year but need a very strong, patient lady to push, pull, drag or kick me round the floor Any offers? I must come clean and say I couldn't dance even before I 'acquired ' Ataxia!!

Happy and safe Christmas everyone. Ted xxx

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  • Hi Ted

    I always thoroughly enjoy Strictly and this year was no different. I would gladly offer to be your partner next year but I have a feeling it would be a case of ‘the blind leading the blind’! Dancing to cheesy musicin the privacy of my own home will have to do!

    Very Happy Christmas to you too.


  • Hi Ted and Harriet,

    I used to enjoy Dancing before becoming disabled, I met my wife through dancing, we first danced to “ Lady in Red” and she was wearing a red sequinned jacket, and it’s been “our song” ever since.

    Festive seasons greetings to you both. 🎅🏼⛄️❄️🌨😀

  • Hi. Harriet

    Thanks for your offer! I really think we could have a good chance-----after all look how well Anton and Ruth did ending up in a heap on the floor---we could do that but not too sure about the earlier bit!!

    Incidentally I thought the winner was the correct one and the BBC not giving the details of the others points was kinder

    Cheers. Ted

  • You made me smile thank you all! Not sure I agree with you on winner Ted but they were all definitely worthy finalists this year even Gemma bless. Keep dancing everyone or watching at least :)

  • 😂 My two left feet would disqualify me from the start. The final was anybody’s guess but personally I think Joe was a worthy winner. He went from being a virtual no-hoper to someone who someone who steadily accomplished a dramatic turnaround, no doubt helped by amazing choreography from his partner 👍 All finalists put in a polished performance, brilliant 👏 xB

  • Merry Christmas!

    Until last year, after a bad fall, we used to go dancing every week for an hour private lesson - very badly. If we could anyone can!

    LOVE Strictly (even better with one of favourite heroes Jonnie Peacock - thank you Iain_100). Bad dancing is so good for you x

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