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Ataxia ch2

I'm going to Brighton magistrates on Thursday 23rd October 2017 . And I suffer ataxia ch 2:

But I'm not in an week chair. And my balance is only affected when I stand.and not when I sit.and my doctor says I only have very mild atexia.

Yet I'm fighting to get d.v.l.a to reinstate m license.

They say as my condition might increase,I shouldn't drive.

Even though I have at least 4 separate doc letters.

As I can afford legal help ,I'm un represented.i feel I up against Goliath.

If you have had simmular experience or can offer me advice,or are in the area ? I'd appreciate you input

Please get in touch.


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Hi Atexia1960

Thank you for your post. I am sorry to hear about your difficulties. I have never heard of Ataxia ch2. When were you diagnosed?



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