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My wife suffers from Cerebellum Axatia of the Cerebellum (cause unknown) and has been confined totally to a wheelchair since 2014. She constantly has swollen legs. She sleeps with her feet elevated and sits in a chair (afternoons/evenings) with elevated foot rest. I wonder whether a Revitive apparatus would be beneficial to reduce this swelling. Anybody have experience of using this equipment? Thanks in advance

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Morning. I spoke to my Physio about this and she told me there was no medical evidence to support the use of this type of equipment. But, as with everything else, if your wife gets some relief from it then good. Think its all a matter of personal opinion.

Good luck



🙂 I've got one. It took me a while to build up a tolerance to the tingling sensation but of course you can regulate the setting anyway. My feet are always cold and you have to use the apparatus with bare feet, so I haven't used it regularly. As with a lot of 'complimentary therapies' everybody responds differently, I've seen special offers on TV, so it could be a good time to try one🙂

Because your wife has specific problems, it might be a good idea to ask her GP if using the apparatus will cause any adverse effect 🙂 xB


I have swollen feet and legs and am currently waiting for lymphodem assessment and stockings at the hospital. At the very least she should be getting some input from the Lymphodeam Service local to you, ask our GP for a referral, this may take a while but at least get a professional opinion.

The other thing that I use, when energy levels permit, is one of those under desk cycle machines, you get them from around £20 and they help improve circulationas well as muscle tone.

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I have cold legs/feet all year long. I use a powerchair( electric wheelchair) and my ankles swell up while using it. I spend my evenings in my recliner chair where my feet/ankles are higher than my bottom.

I don’t use any other equipment , but the swelling has generally gone down by the next morning 🌹🌺🌸😀


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