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SCA7 and hearing


I have SCA7, and am blind and in a wheelchair, with speech and dexterity difficulties. However, a new problem seems to be that I have a time gap of a few seconds between hearing a noise and being able to identify it. This is causing me a lot of problems with hearing people, and the TV.

Has anybody else experienced this, and have you any suggestions?

Thanks, Tricia x

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We are EXACTLY alike. I too have developed that problem. I use an EMST blowing machine to strengthen muscles. I hope it works.


Thank you for your message. It's great to know that someone else is sharing the problem. However, I don't quite understand the technique you refer to - could you therefore explain it a bit more and let me know how I could get one?

Thank you.

Tricia x


Blimey I best not read anymore sounds like everyone is in the same boat I am constantly saying or rather shouting what i can't hear you?Its not TV yet although I am sure I keep the neighbors up all night..I swear less now but it was entire night.Needing me to get up fall over and change PJ's that is getting better it's not Thyroid not menaupase ..And it's weird my Dad and son say it is not like B.O.Which is good.My Mum thought I had been through the shower in the middle of the night...Oh dear I put swear I still swear but less sweat!!


Hi Tricia,

have you asked your GP to refer you to an audiologist? They may be able to help.

Good luck!

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