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I was told my ataxia had a 50/50 chance of being carried on to children and because of my age and as it had never happened, I decided to not have children. I have always been a very hands on aunty and thought that would be ok,, but I've become obsessed with the practical side of 4 nieces/nephews rather than the emotions.i am an emotional person I think that means that children cant be bothered me, to be honest. My relationship with my sister has broken down as I have severe depression and am q we self do I repair it and connect with children?

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I have told my children and relatives the same, I think if they see that you are dealing with it positively then that maybe will help.But if there develop Ataxia then that is not your fault all you can is warn them to prepare floor what might happen by building up a positive attitude and not hiding their heads in the sand.



I also decided to not have children in my 30s not just because of potentially 'passing it on ' but also due to my symptoms. I am so terrified of possibly hurting a child in any way. I shake an awful lot as I've other ailments too. I totally empathise. Luckily I'm not maternal anyway and don't have children in my family (only friends that have children) so for me it isn't a problem. I have to admit personally I'm glad I haven't got the stress!

No doubt you have spoken to your sister and explained why you are depressed. Having ataxia doesn't help. Frustration or what!? 😕😜 . Your sister is possibly in denial or doesn't truly understand. I don't think people realise! Lack of knowledge sometimes. Ataxia uk could send you information or videos may help?

Best of luck x


Hi, I can fully understand your situation, I am in same boat. But I am a teacher. In work part-time. So I get to meet and teach lots of students.

I don't know how ataxia hinders you - mobility - fatigue - But maybe you could volunteer someplace accessible and try and meet people and connect.

Good luck


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