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newly diagnosed struggling to cope

a lot of you travel i see, are we able to travel with vertigo like symptoms doesn't it make it worse? my hubby gets so tired just walking 40mtrs i cant get him to see that having a wheelchair would give him freedom so he is housebound at the moment, any help in helping him would be great, at the moment he is so dizzy he cant sit up without vomiting but we are hoping that will subside does anyone else get this?

ataxia has just been diagnosed, and we are getting a referral to Sheffield but any advice in the meantime would be really helpful.

Thanks for the positive comments it has encouraged me as we are both really struggling with all the adjustments finanacial emotional and physical at the moment. I am sure it will get better once we gain acceptance.


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Hi Rankin1st

Like you I have often wondered how 'ataxians' manage with traveling Fortunately my wife and I don't wish to go on holidays but find the peace and quiet of our home suits us best. I have got CANVAS which is ataxia plus sight problems etc and this would make traveling more difficult. I think you must both do what is comfortable for you and perhaps join a group who can tell you what they do

We are both fortunate in having partners and I take my hat off to 'Ataxians' who live on their own and have to fend for themselves. They are truly people to be admired

Good luck. Ted

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Hi😊 It must be horrendous having dizziness that brings on vomiting. For a while I had times when the room would spin, sometimes the sensation went on for hours, all I could do was sit still. Now, the very worst part of my day, is raising my head and getting up in the morning. This brings on a horrible 'head rush' until I 'acclimatise'.

Your GP may be able to prescribe medication to alleviate the symptom, it's worth asking 😊xB


Thanks Beryl husband has been admitted to hospital ladt week to try and get to bottom of it as you know not always easy with neurology;) but we keep smiling

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