CANVAS and Ataxia

Hi everyone

Has anyone got or heard of CANVAS as this is something added to Ataxia. I am not quite sure what it is ----but I have got it!!

I have googled it but most of the information is very complicated I have got an appointment with the consultant but thought it might be interesting to hear the views of fellow 'canvassers' Best wishes. Ted

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  • Hi Ted,

    I have CANVAS too. It is not actually added to Ataxia but more. It stands for Cerebellar Ataxia, Neuropathy (nerve damage), Vestibular Areflexia (paralysis of the inner ear.

    It causes a good deal of pain in the limbs with the affected muscles, especially if you try to use the limbs (exercising, walking, or just sitting in a manner that is likely to put stress on the nerves.) I cannot walk steadily or without an aid for support and to get to the shops I use a mobility scooter. It also causes problems swallowing, you choke on every meal, to the point where you retch and feel nauseous.

    Also there is a lot of fatigue, caused by doing quite normal things, like walking.You are in for a lot of fun, my Friend, but most of all, I am still learning about it and there is still a lot I have yet to understand.

  • Hi 😊 have a forum. They list Cerebellar Ataxia, and also CANVAS.


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