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Hi i am new to this site and so bear with. I was diagnosed with with cerebella formative attaxia at age 7, my parents were told i had contracted it through chicken pox (which is apperently very rare !!!). Through the use of the diffrent therapy i was able to walk and talk again and i am now a normal 23 year old, however i do suffer from learing difficulties now such as dyslexia, i also have little sort term memory and my concentration last all of 10 seconds. I am sure this is a result of my brain damage but as there is so little known i cant say for sure. I wanted to see if thhere was anyone else who suffers with learning difficulties after having cerebella ataxia ?????

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Why would dyslexia, bad memory and ADD be brain damage? So many people (without ataxia) have this that it should be considered as just a different way that the brain functions. Everybody is different from everybody else and it is about time schools stopped the learning system of ‘one size fits all’.

In adulthood there are many ways to help with these difficulties.

How is it that it was known that your problem, cerebella formative ataxia, was contracted through chicken pox?

So little is known about Ataxia of every kind.

I had a rare, complication from chickenpox and nobody knew what it was. This was more than 60 years ago and I don’t think anybody knew about ataxia then. Later I had ADD and a bad memory but nobody ever connected that to the chickenpox complication and in adulthood I grew out of it.

Dear Becky2000, A HUGE welcome to this site! Yes, I've read that people can suffer from ataxia after chicken pox but that it usually resolves in time. I'm glad that it did in your case! I'm sorry, but I don't know how dyslexia, short term memory loss and lack of concentration relates to ataxia. I've had ataxia about 18 years and have no idea why. My memories not the greatest, but that's probably due a bit to my age (61)...,ha! I just wanted to welcome you..., ;o)

Hi how are you? doing just like you I have also got cerebellar ataxia when I was six weeks old I died 3 times & I contracted it that way. Which is also rare. & when I was 1 the doctors told my mum that my type of ataxia would take 7 years out of my life so basically when I was 7 I was all that a1 year old baby was doing and as I got older I contracted cerebral palsy & now I am 46 years. And most of my symptoms are to yours.💙😜

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