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Research into NHS bathroom and toiling facilities

Dear all

Have you experienced using hospital toilet facilities that were not accessible to you due to a lack of equipment such as hoists?

Rare Disease UK have been contacted by a patient member who is doing some voluntary advocacy work raising awareness about the lack of hoists, automated washing/drying toilets, and variable height sink/toilets in NHS hospitals.

She has found that very few hospitals (36) have a Changing Places ( toilet - which are different to standard accessible toilets and have room for assistants, equipment, hoists and adult changing benches etc. Without these facilities people struggle using standard accessible toilets or they do not have access to washing facilities to manage bladder/bowel continence.

They are looking for people who have experienced this lack of facilities to tell them about their experience and how they managed in this situation. These examples will be used in discussions with four Trusts, to show what it is like when facilities are not provided and what it means to people when they are, in the hope that some trusts may decide to provide these facilities.

If you would like to share a short paragraph (and a picture if you want) with Rare Disease UK they can pass it along. Get in touch with Farhana (Executive Officer of Rare Disease UK) by emailing

Best wishes


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Dear Harriet

Not really replying to this item SORRY but I am still laughing at imagining you singing

at the top of your voice in your kitchen to music on the radio!!!!!

And then to admit it on line-----well!!

Seriously though very well done to you for being so positive I have just tried it and the

dog went running out into the garden with his tail down

Ah well Love Ted


Oh Ted, that had me laughing out loud! Thank you-a brilliant way to start the day! Harriet


Dear Harriet, I live in the US, State of Michigan so I'm sorry, but I can't be of any help with this. But, I wanted to say, after traveling extensively to other countries, I'm always impressed how some bathroom facilities think about people with disabilities, for example having sinks in the actual handicap stall, etc. Unfortunately, I don't see this much in the US! Other things, as well as what I just mentioned, that Ataxia UK is addressing is very impressive, as it will help so many people with disabilities! Kudos! ;o)


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