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i feel a bit of a fraud as my symptoms are relatively mild but mixed with other things such as chronic severe arthritis, fibromyalgia and Reynaud's.

I have relatively minor symptoms like head jerks, throwing my cereal across the floor instead of into my mouth and poor balance.

It started as possible a side effect of my seizure medicine so I stopped taking that but the symptoms haven't gone away.

Anyone ideas? Am I am Ataxia fraud or is it really all there. Lots of other minor symptoms like body jerks when trying to relax?

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Dear Floozie268 (cute name!), You have a lot of health issues to deal with! I'm sorry! Personally, I don't think you're a fraud, as you have symptoms of ataxia along with other these other health issues. Have you seen a neurologist? I assume you have if you've suffered from seisures. If not, I would, as they can assess your symptoms. Ataxia symptoms can be severe or mild, as there are many diferent forms, some hereditary some not and it can progress quickly or slowly. I've had Sporadic Cerebellar Ataxia (unknown cause/symptoms 24/7), diagnosed eleven years ago. Although it's progressive, according to my neurologist, it's progressed slowly thus far (I have noticed a difference as time goes by). I also have arthritis in some joints, which compounds the problem! My best to you..., ;o)


Thank you, it helps to get it into perspective. As another thing adds itself to my 'list' I have to make a joke of it or it sounds like I am a hypochondriac whereas actually I just get on with doing what I can and growling when I can't LOL


Hi Floozie 268:-)

I was first diagnosed with Epilepsy, I know how the medication can

aggravate other symptoms. I'm convinced it had something to do with

my chronic eye condition and it definitely had an adverse effect on my


Eventually (after falls, and an MRI) the diagnosis was changed to

Idiopathic Cerebellar Ataxia.

These weird symptoms we all have are very hard to define because being

basically neurological there are so many theories. And, we all know how

the medical profession like to say how much can be put down to stress.

But then it is stressful managing several chronic conditions.

You are entitled to be seen at one of the Ataxia Centres, ask your GP for referral

to your nearest. Neurologists there have the best understanding of Ataxia and

are probably in a better position to offer advice on coping with symptoms.

Also, you'll be put in touch with a Specialised Ataxia Nurse, who you can ring

at any time for support.

Best wishes :-) xB


Thank you will contact my GP but living on an island does have its drawbacks when seeking specialised help!


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