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Buying a new mattress

My partner and I need a new mattress. The firmer the better for me, he's the opposite! I'm like The Princess And The Pea in that I feel every lump, bump and wrinkle so I was angling towards Tempur but believe they retain heat and are difficult to get up from (I am in a wheelchair, I am a hot sleeper and I'm not great at transferring - any advice?

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I love my tempur mattress. It is harder to get up from but you could use a floor to ceiling bar to help, get an adjustable bed or get the slightly cheaper bed that isn't made by tempur but is a honeycomb of memory foam. Tempur do a 60 day trial so you could do that to see if you get too hot


I like firm mattress too, however I wanted something comfy because of my arthritis. I have heard memory foam mattress can get hot and quite pricy. I have bought a posturopedic mattress made by Sealy, medium firm, with great support and a layer of latex on the top. That really changed my life, the quality of my sleep, and my mornings! The mattress is really thick so I find it's very easy to get out of bed, and it doesn't get hot at all. If you wish to try memory foam mattress, the Warren Evans shops do one which is similar of Tempur and much cheaper. I think the best advice I can give is try many before choosing, and spend enough time on each of them. I hope it helps!


Worth noting that bed bugs live freely in a regular mattress but can't live in foam.


Have you thought about a zip link bed? with this you can have each side made to the firmness that you and your partner prefer. There's a very good company on the internet they are very helpful and the website is a wealth of knowledge! Never knew there was so much I didn't know about beds!


I had a wonderful nights sleep at a hotel, on what I thought was a Tempur

mattress. It was February, the hotel was directly on the north coast, and

I was warm as toast :-)

But, later, somebody commented that these mattresses can make you

excessively hot in summer.

I have issues with rises and falls in body temperature, a real nuisance.

So, I'm still dithering re the mattress. Although, I have read in adverts for

Tempur mattresses that you can try them out for a time prior to committing

to the purchase :-) xB


I love my mattress. It is a foam one from ikea, and really very cheap for a mattress. It is medium firm. My husband has a firmer one on his side of the bed. Ikea also do 2 different mattress s for double beds. We need to change them as we have had them for 10 years and they are not so good now. Recently slept on my daughters bed which has a memory foam topper, but I still prefer my ikea mattress. So I think we shall go back there and buy some new ones. Good luck with your search


Got my new Airflow Plus mattress yesterday so slept on it for the 1st time last night. Although it's quite a bit deeper, it was fine to transfer to. We both described it as "squidgy" - my main difficulty was manouvering myself to the right spot! BUT I woke without aches and pains for the 1st time in months.


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