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Probably several people with ataxia live in the flood affected areas of the UK. How did they manage?

I would like to know whether moving away from the water or mudslides panicked them more because they were so much less nimble?

Does anybody know how the freezing temperatures affected Ataxians in the US? How can a slow going Ataxian move fast in and out of the cold to avoid frostbite?

I often worry about how I would manage in case of a disaster when I can’t run.

Maybe someone has already talked about this but I can’t find it.

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Hi Klazian!

It must be/have been a nightmare for some of us. Like you I would

be unable to run, and if it were slippery underfoot my legs would

probably go rigid. I can only hope anyone affected by floods etc

has been able to get support from their nearest Ataxia Support


As far as the US is concerned, I know for a fact at least one of our

members is 'enjoying' coping with all that snow! :-) xB


Dear Klazian, I live in the States and the recent frigid temps and snow (8-12 inches where I live) really didn't bother me. I fortunately didn't have to leave home during the worst of it (I'm retired). I viewed the snow falling from the windows...,beautiful! When I do go out, I use my cane and negotiate very carefully each step I take, as I (as well as other ataxians) can fall easily, especially on the snow/ice...,scary! I also have these "grids" I slip on my boots that really help! The cold temps make my body even more rigid/stiffer than it already is, so that part I don't like. I must get out of my house sometimes, as eventually cabin fever sets in...,ha! I heard about the flooding in the UK, which I wouldn't appreciate. I hope all fared OK. Honestly, I never thought about what I'd do in an emergency, as there's no way I can run. Guess I'd have to take my chances and move at my stiff snails pace to get away! ;o)


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