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Gluten Summit - including talk by Prof Marios Hadjivassiliou, free registration

This looks a really useful and interesting series of web broadcasts - especially for those of us with gluten ataxia but well worth a look for some of the names who are speaking - including Professor M Hadjivassiliou from Sheffield, Dr David Perlmutter and Dr David Osborne.

Registration for these web talks is free and are to be broadcast during November -

I got the information in an email from

Best wishes,


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Thanks Gill, registered! xB


Thanks too Gil. I also registered. I am especially interested in what Dr. MH has to say, cause I have read some of his work.


Thanks for that Gill, I have registered and watched the very informative video. Very very interesting. However two comments spring to mind having heard the commentary. One doctor says to the other "Such and easy change to go onto a gluten free diet". IT IS NOT EASY!!! If you are eating at home there is no problem, as long as you have good eye sight to read all ingredients and plenty of time to shop. However eating out is a nightmare because of cross contamination problems etc. Yes, I suffer from the the "social phobia" mentioned in the video.

Few restaurants can be really trusted and recently at a top class hotel I was given two dry rolls containing limp pink ham and a lump of grilled chicken. The sort of thing you would have expected at a working men's club wake. At an internationally renowned zoo that can feed every animal, bird, reptile or fish under the sun, I was told "Sorry we don't have any gluten free items, but this granary roll has has a gluten free egg filling".


Hi Mylie

I know it can be hard going gluten free but to me its easier than getting progressively worse in health terms! It does naff you off doesnt it when they promise they can cope with gluten free and then dont so we usually eat at home or go self catering and if we eat out go for things that arent 'messed about with' too much - where there is less chance of being contaminated. Mostly its not a problem these days really though. We need to get the message out by putting reviews on sites like trip advisor - that's my way of dealing with it, I think they will get the message that we need to be catered for! I do have some sympathy because before I had to go gluten free I really didnt have much idea of the diet or the consequences.



Ive signed up as well! I think it'll be really interesting to see an international perspective on this. Im with Prof. M at Sheffield and was one of the first ever to be diagnosed with gluten ataxia, over eighteen years ago.

I giggled over your description of the working man's club 'wake food'. Absolutely!

I often say to folks that it's rabbit food for the main course, as a salad, to stay safe, followed by parrot food as fruit salad !

The catch phrase I use with folk when they don't get what I'm on about ( it has been known! lol!) is to say that I 'don't risk it for a biscuit'. Gives them something to chew on!!

Go steady!


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