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Weighted Blankets?

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Has anyone (an asthmatic of all varieties) had experience of using a weighted blanket?

I feel one would help my dreadful insomnia but am very slightly concerned that they are not recommended for asthmatics.

My asthma is minimal at night and really only flares up with a chest infection (and thanks to Covid, I have been infection free for some eighteen months now!) so feel I would be fine.

Does anyone have thoughts or experiences that could aid a purchasing decision?

Many thanks, if so.




As an asthmatic child, I used to put my head under the bed-covers, enjoying the darkness and weight of the blankets above me. Strange child!

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LysistrataCommunity Ambassador

I have no personal experience of them, but I gave one as a Christmas present a couple of years ago to a friend with very severe asthma, since I knew she wanted one and had been researching it (she actually bought one for herself the day mine arrived!)

She really likes it and finds it helpful for sleep/anxiety issues. I don't know if she uses it when she's struggling asthmawise, but she definitely does at other times as far as I know, since she's mentioned it being helpful.

I'd go for it, especially if you find your asthma isn't usually an issue at night. It sounds like you'd be able to use it most of the time even if you didn't during a flare.

Hi Lysistrata

Many thanks for your reply, it is really helpful as I seem to recently have lost all sense of common sense reasoning!

My Symbcort keeps me really well (and Covid/social distancing/lockdowns have been so asthma friendly! Not even a cold or a sniffle) although I do use my Ventolin some nights, generally I am well with good peak flow.

My insomnia is quite trying and after my husband put a faux-fur throw on the bed last night (the temperature went down to almost freezing) I realised that I loved the extra weight so blossomed the weighted blanket idea.

There seem to be zillions of them so a degree of research is going to be necessary but I will get there in the end!

Thank you again and I hope that you can keep well this winter.



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Das_roots in reply to Rostom

Hi I’m a severe asthmatic. I also have sleep apnea, and neurological condition that causes strokes. I use a weighted blanket I’ve had no issues. As long as you can remove it I can’t see it being an issues. I’ve been using it two years and love it. I cried with relief the first time I used it. It helps my pain so much. I use it most nights as it’s stops my restless legs. It doesn’t have any negative effect on my breathing.

The blanket is supposed to be around 10% of your body weight. Although I would like heavier.

Hi! You can make your own, with a pillow slip and some beans. I use red Azuki beans as they’re small and they have some therapeutic value according to Chinese people. You can heat them in a microwave too. Such a bag full of beans makes a wonderful pillow, too. But be careful! It Has to be smallish, because it can get very heavy! All the best, D. PS: you have a good instinct about being weighted down at night when you sleep. The author, Milan Kundera, has much to say about this in his book “the unbearable lightness of being“.

I absolutely love mine. I don't use it all the time, as it can get quite warm. But when I do it's the best night's sleep.

I love my weighted blanket. I am autistic and find that it really helps after a long day. I find that if I use it just before bedtime it helps with my sleep. I very rarely use it overnight as I get too hot which triggers my asthma but when I have I found that as long as I didn't tuck it all the way round I was absolutely fine. My asthma is a pain in the butt (an and drs words not mine)

I have a Kudd.ly cooling one that I use every night and it’s brill

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