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Fostair 200 as reliever?

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Hi, hope it's OK to ask this.

I recently changed from relvar 184 1 puff od to fostair 200 2 puffs bd as my asthma wasn't well controlled following having covid 6 weeks ago.

My peak flows had gone back to my usual of 450 and my cough had improved.

This week I've picked up another respiratory virus and my cough has been pretty constant and keeping me up all night. Spoke to GP yday as my peak flow had dropped to 350 (now 320) and I was worried the virus has affected my asthma. I only got diagnosed with asthma a few months ago so it's all a bit new!

She suggested taking an extra dose of my fostair 200 as a reliever instead of ventolin if the cough was bad, but reading all the info about fostair, it suggests this is only if on fostair 100 and that the 200 is max dose of 2 puffs bd.

Does anyone else take extra fostair 200 when ill? Is it safe or should I stick with ventolin?


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I was advised by the sister in charge of the respiratory clinic at my hospital to take an extra puff in the afternoon if my peak flow dropped and I was getting symptoms. She didn’t say so, but I reckoned this was to try to prevent me from needing a course of prednisone later on.So, yes. You can do this even though it does not say so in the instructions.

I wasn’t told how long I could do this for.

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Edie86 in reply to Troilus

Thank you! I'll give it a go 😁

Hi, I have been on Fostair 200 for nearly a year now. I use 2 puffs every morning and evening as preventer. I am then allowed a further 4 puffs that I can use as a reliever during the day when my asthma gets bad. I only use my Ventolin when I have used up all 4 puffs of my Fostair.

My asthma nurse told me that this was because, compared to Ventolin, Fostair is faster acting and longer lasting.

I hope this helps. 😊

I am allowed up to 8 puffs of Fostair 200 a day, to support reducing prednisolone- usually manage on 6. It was the consultant who advised this.

I was given a booklet along with my first Fostair which I had to read at the pharmacist then sign a form to confirm I understood Fostair is licensed as a MART inhaler & that I understood it could be used as a rescue as well as preventer. Best inhaler I've ever had for my asthma, I rarely need ventolin. As I absolutely hate to take prednisolone I'm so pleased that I haven't needed them since starting Fostair.

Good luck Edie.

I take fostair 200 advised by consultant to use 2 puffs (4 times a day) so a maximum of 8 puffs when asthma flares up to try help with night time coughing for about a week. It does tend to help with slight flare ups but for myself this is a basic maintenance as I take several other Inhalers/ tablets / prednisolone to try control asthma. Hope you start to get some relief soon and feel better in yourself 😊

Sorry I forgot to add if you use an aero chamber , I would highly recommend using the aero chamber plus with mask attachment. It really does make a difference to ensure you get full benefit of your inhalers 😊

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Edie86 in reply to Diabar

Thanks,I'm on a dry powder though.

I think this is really interesting! I am also on Fostair 200, and have been informed that 4 puffs daily is the maximum. But if I can temporarily increase, rather than end up on prednisolone, that would be great! While it is no issue for me just now, I think I need to research this with our pharmacist/gp/asthma nurse.

Hi I had Covid very badly in January and was in critical care for a month. I am also on Fostair 200 2 puffs first and last thing every day. I don't believe you can increase the dose but I am also on Tryotopiom sorry can't remember how to spell it. I have ALWAYS been told to use Ventolin if I start to notice peak flow going down. Also in the past have been prescribed Prednisolone (steroid 8 X 5mg tablets a day for a week) Good luck and try not to panic.

My hospital consultant has me using Fostair 200/6 as MART (2 puffs am & pm + up to 4 extra puffs as needed) - BUT - with each inhalation immediately preceded with equal puffs of Ventolin….this, along with Spiriva, Montelukast. Carbocistein, Mometasone Furoate and Omeprazole has pretty got me on an even keel, with far less need for prednisone. I believe consultants often go ‘off piste’ mixing and matching until they find something for their patients.

Thanks, so interesting /confusing that everyone is told something different.

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Key2success in reply to Edie86

It is because of the fast onset but using the Fostair in a MART regimen is in line with GINA also where you are getting steroid and reliever to act on any inflammation that may be underlying causing and increase in any symptoms you may be feeling.


I always tel Asthma Uk to ask they’re really helpful as that’s all they deal with,

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