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Cant stop coughing !

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Since Thursday I have been with sinus congestion , coughing , bringing up clear phlegm from nose and lungs . Doctor prescribed Z pack , steroids and bromphed dm cough medicine. I also have paroxysmal a fib and since the cough medicine has pseudoephrine which can trigger an episode of a fib i was wondering what do you all usually take when you have a cough ! Theses coughing episodes come and go through out the day . Am feeling bette but the cough is just driving me insane . Thank you .

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My physio recommended hot lemon, honey & cinnamon for coughs. As you say, side effects of some meds can cause other issues. My mum had AF & had to be very careful about side effects of other meds.

A nasal rinse or steroid spray may help congestion and any post nasal drip that can irritate the lungs. Again, avoid decongestants as they contain meds that can affect the heart.

Hope you feel better soon.

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Jances13 in reply to Poobah

Thank you so much .I will try that !!

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