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Got my covid vaccine invite


Surprisingly got invited by my doctors to book my covid vaccine. How has everyone's experience been who's had it? Didn't think I was eligible as 42 and what I would class as fit and healthy. I have been on Prednisolone for the last 12 days though as asthma was uncontrolled and the doctor at the time asked if I'd had it already. Luckily today was my last day so pleased about that. I'm not worried about having it just wanted a pre warn in case it's one of those jabs that give you a dead arm for a couple of days 😂🤣

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There are all sorts of side effects - sore arm is an obvious one sorry!! Effects range from none to feeling awful for several days, for either vaccine, and it seems completely random as to people's experiences. So some people will be in the "oh they're terrible" camp and others will be in the "shhhhh nothing to it!" camp.

I hope you're in the latter! But glad you're GP has got you in for it. It could be age as lots of people younger than the advertised age bands are being done still - but it does sound like they've flagged you due to your recent issues. Hope things are more settled now in that respect?

Thank you. Finally yes, today was my last day of pred and although I'm not back to being 100% puff free so to speak. I am much better, and have had no need for ventolin today. I really don't know why I have such a hard time in just accepting it instead of trying to convince myself it's anything and everything else. I suppose it all depends on the nurse too as I took the Mickey out of my husband for moaning his arm hurt after the flu jab (as last year I felt nothing) and told him he was a big wuss and then I had it this year and my arm really hurt for two days. Must of been payback 😂

Ha ha! It's really common for many vaccines I think. But at least of you feel naff for a couple of days you'll know why. But you may not, some people get no side effects at all.

Had mine around 3 weeks ago. Bit of a tender arm and shoulder after a few hours which lasted for a day or so. Putting a hot water bottle on it was soothing. Have to say that I did the old trick of taking a couple of paracetamol before the appointment and another dose before bed.

Husband didn't have the arm ache but woke up at 3am with a headache which he never normally gets and felt a little "other worldly" like you do if you have a mild fever.

We all seem to react differently, maybe I'll get clouted on my second dose!

🤒Glad I've had the jab though.

I'm definitely all for getting the jab so am pleased I'm getting it. I'm one of those people that avoids paracetamol whereas my husband will turn straight to it. My mindset is if I have a headache, instead of masking it with painkillers I should deal with it and feel rubbish for a bit instead of fighting it for longer and never finding out the issue whereas my husband would throw every medication at it until he no longer feels it. We are strange creatures of habit 🤣

Bevvy in reply to spongecat

Just to say I read somewhere not to take paracetamol before jab... was a good reason for it but can’t remember what.However if I get side effects with 2nd jab I will quickly take paracetamol then. For 1st jab I stupidly waited / suffered for a few hours before giving in and taking paracetamol. Which of course dealt with it quickly and efficiently!!

spongecat in reply to Bevvy

My GP gave me my jab and was not the slightest bit concerned about me taking paracetamol for prophylaxis.There are so many do's and don'ts going around, most of which are probably BS. Some are :

Don't drink alcohol for a week before and 2 weeks after your jab.

Do bicep exercises to pump up the muscle (does it even go in the bicep? As a powerlifting enthusiast I would say it goes into the deltoid 😉)

Don't have it done if there is a full moon or rain is forecast (OK I made that last one up!)

lakelover in reply to spongecat

I read somewhere,(can't remember where now!)that the second dose doesn't affect you as much as the first. Still waiting for the second jab so don't know from personal experience!

Both my husband and I felt unwell for a couple of days after the vaccine. Also I had what felt like a flare of RA but unlike my usual flares it responded well to paracetamol. Although many of my friends were perfectly well after the vaccine, could I recommend that you arrange to have a few quiet days afterwards in case you are unlucky and get a reaction. All the best.

It's next week in half term so won't be quiet at home lol. I will be able to rest if I am unwell as won't need to go out and my daughter would love the excuse to lay on the sofa and watch films all day. Hopefully it will be fine but I have heard a lot of people with sore arms.

Sore arms seem to be a common side effect. I was asked which side I slept on before I had the vaccine and they put it in the other arm. It was not too bad and I just kept reminding myself that Covid would be a lot worse.

I had Pfizer jab, sore arm for a day or 2. I felt like I had a hangover in the evening, but next day fine. My wife had AZ and she had same reaction as I did. The process by NHS is so slick when you are getting it done and to be commended.

Had a chest infection 2 weeks before I put off and put off then bit the bullet and went... Not a side effect in sight thank goodness. Never felt it no sore arm nothing. Had the Pfizer vaccine. Hope the second jab goes just as smooth. I have a chronic chest with lots of other health issues and was worried but ok. Hope you lucky too. 🤞

I had the Pfizer jab and I had a sore/ painful arm for a few days whereas my partner had the AZ and was really ill for nearly a week

Hi, I got the jab on a Thursday. I had a slightly sore arm for a couple of days, it was throbbing if I lifted it above shoulder height (getting stuff out the fridge) but all sorted by Sunday morning. I had a slight fatigue, had to go for an hours lie down in the afternoon, again it was all sorted by Sunday evening. Slight nausea on the Saturday afternoon / evening and away by the Sunday. That was it. No problem at all... although I'm still waiting for pt. 2.

Had AZ around 3 weeks ago, first night I had aches in every joint, like flu, the next day I felt so tired I slept much of the day, other than that, tender arm for a week, definitely preferable to my dose of Covid! Good luck 😊

That's good flowergirl78. My son in law in Buckinghamshire, 40, has asthma & called in for vaccination. He's very fit & well, possibly had covid last March (hardly knew but rest of family more poorly & 6 year old still suffering one year on & not allowed to go back to school yet). They weren't allowed to have a test then or since so no proof.A daughter, Cambridgeshire, in 30s gets gestational diabetes only and was called in for vaccination . Perhaps it depends on where you live or the efficiency of you go surgury. Anyway, be pleased as I think under 50s vacc. has been paused while 2nd vacc. are doled out.

Good luck. P

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